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This site is a work in progress, if you know of any other links, please leave me a comment...

Progressive media continues to grow like weeds. You can find progressive media on local radio stations, over the internet, on satellite: Sirrius, FM, or the Dish Satellite Network. Listen to progressive radio stations on over the internet for free - OR- Sirius XM satellite- set up fee +10 USD per month includes a gadget for listening in the car as well as home:,/ or internet radio stations/ host's home pages for free on your computer.

Be sure to scroll down below all the stations listed below to find descriptions of progressive hosts.

If you ever need assistance with how to listen to internet radio stations, seek help! Sometimes it’s as simple as going to the site and finding the ‘Listen Here’ button:

Alaska Listen KUDO - Alaska's Progressive Voice Radio Online

Albuquerque, New Mexico://

Asheville, Listen locally on the radio if your there:


Boston, MA ://

Brattleboro, VT Cannot find listen online button. So enjoy it locally on the radio only: //www.1490wkvt.coma//

Chaple Hill


Chicago, IL:

Columbia Some right wing wacko Alex Jones stuff, but Randi Rhodes is on and some other at least alternative shows. Listen locally on the radio if you live there

Daytona Beach, FL

Denver, CO


Eden Prarie, Minnesota,

Eureka, CA

Itthaca, New York


Los Angeles, CA

Maine WZON-FM, Dover-Foxcroft 103.1- Stephen King steps forward and switches formats on one of his two stations in Maine. You have three choices once you get to the site, choose The Pulse 103.1

Madison, Wis.

Minnesota, The Voice of

Monterey, CA
Watch out, there are a few crazy right winger propaganda shows, but there are some good progressive hosts.

New York City

Palm Springs I cannot find the listen online button and so not sure it exists but if you happen to be there:


Portland, Oregon

Reno, Nevada

Rational Am told there is some alternative programming here:

San Francisco, CA

Santa Barbara- watch out Bob Brinker is sort of a right wing wacko but again, there are some good progressive shows. I cannot find the listen online button so you may just be able to listen on the local radio station if you are there

Scranton, PA find link to listen at far lower right of site

Seattle, WA

Spokane, WA Cannot find listen online button, but listen on the radio locally

Springfield, I cannot find an online listening button.

Taos, New Mexic I am told it is progressive but have not verified. Listen locally if you live there

Westport, WA I cannot find a link to listen online, but if you live there check it out:

Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio

Yes, Robert Kennedy Jr. is son of the beloved Robert Kennedy, the brother of President John F Kennedy, and recently passed Senator Edward Kennedy, the Lion of the Senate http:// Co host Mike Papantonio, accomplished lawyer/ prosecutor of vital class action suits regarding the environment. This show is played on various progressive radio stations at various times.

Podcasts are available at their site for a small monthly fee, as are most progressive radio shows. Consider it a professional cost to keep yourself up to date and deduct the expense on your taxes. Coverage of civil and environmental justice. Cutting edge ‘news that gets buried during the week.’

Thom Hartmann‘The Professor of Progressive Talk’ The author of about 30 books, ranging from everything from ADD to spiritual responsibilites in terms of treating each other well and peace to global warming and the environment, your intelligence will not be insulted by this show at all. Callers who disagree with him are put first in line. Thom’s show is on many radio stations across the USA and heard daily online and by Sirius and XM Satellite listeners. He has recently been picked up by stations in the UK, Africa and Europe. He is now on at least 3 satellite networks. One of my favorite books from Thom was about his mentor, Herr Muller in the Book Prophet’s Way- a spiritual being dedicated to saving even the lives of earthworms wandered out into the road after a rain fall – get the book!

Listen online at his home site Mondays through Fridays 9 - noon Pacific Standard Time or get podcasts at home site or for free at the White Rose Society Keeps podcasts on file, sometimes there is a delay of up to a week for example on the Thom Hartmann podcasts.

You can also hear Thom live here, again M-F 9 - noon Pacific Time : Seattle, WA
Check and other progressive links to get Thom at either the same or different times.

Thom is all doing a TV show - simultaneous with his radio show. There is now also a new Thom Hartmann channel on YouTube, at The show has also been picked up by Free Speech TV (on Dish Network satellite TV) and is now carried live from 2-3 PM ET following "Democracy Now" and "GritTV."

This show now has a dual syndication with Dial-Global and Pacifica, an affiliated show, providing a 3-hour live and delayed show to Pacifica non-profit and community stations around the world *with no commercial content* through the Pacifica audioport. Two identical shows are simultaneous produced daily; one commercial and one non-commercial (where the commercial breaks are filled with content like Labor Radio News, Hightower comments, a Science show, etc.). This affiliation has allowed the show to run on several dozen new stations, including one that covers an eighth of England and one that covers about a third of Ghana. "We're on more stations, have more listeners, and have more live clearances then any other progressive show in the country." Thx to for this information.

Jim Hightower See his site for
for well over 50 stations and times to hear his Common Sense Commentary.

Randi Rhodes –‘Rush Limbaugh’s Nightmare!’ is tough to uncouth, and perhaps the Mae West of the air waves. She is extremely well researched, reports from Washington DC where she lives and has a remarkable way of breaking down exactly what is happening legislatively. She was one of the first radio talk show hosts to help Barack Obama win his Senate seat. Listen to Randi online at various times M - F at either the internet radio station links listed above, Sirius XM Satellite, or from her home site.

Ronald Reagan Jr.

Yes, this is the liberal, not the conservative son, of the former President Ronald Reagan. Ron Jr. loves his father as we all do ours, though remarkably discerns himself by wielding the intellectual honesty to be able to be critical of his father's presidency. On an August 17, 2009 broadcast regarding health care reform –"Medicare began in 1965. My father was against the passage of Medicare. My father was wrong." Progressive son then proceeded to play a tape recording of his father using the same arguments against Medicare in the 60s as are being used today in 2009.
AIR AMERICA IS OFF THE AIR. We wish Ron a return to the airwaves soon.

Stephanie Miller – Sweet and Sassy can be Smart. This is the daughter of the famous Mr. William E. Miller who ran as VP candidate with Barry Goldwater for President 1964. If you are a seasoned liberal this show is bliss. If you are a conservative, you will be so angry you will find yourself zipping off the nastiest letters and full of rage. Relax though, anger is an act of becoming aware to your surroundings. Her two ‘mooks’ are hilarious and you will find yourself warming more and more on a daily basis until your hooked. In fact, who developed the famous Alan Grayson’s satirical take on the Republican “Just die” health plan? I heard it from Stephanie Miller first.

Ed Schultz / also has a tv show on MSNBC – his daily radio show completely devoted to progressive causes. The gladiator of the left- beats the crap out of Limbaugh easily. Ex sports announcer- righty fallen for beautiful wife who invited him over for lunch at the homeless shelter she ran, where upon Ed realized these homeless people were his right wing audience! Reconciling with his saint of a new love, he just had to come clean to these poor suckers who had been following him only to their own detriment. Ed has more than redeemed himself as our host with the greatest presence. Can get edgy, he is a red head- he tells his listeners.

Norman Goldman Lawyer out of LA podcasts for free at

A study of Ed Schultz. A vital force. Lover of animals. Cogent arguments. "Its not between left and right, but right and wrong." Classes in Civil Rights!

Bill Press – hosted Cross Fire for years, was California Democratic Chair for awhile- if you are awake at 3 – 6AM Pacific Time -. And if your not awake - Bill's radio headquarters are but a few blocks from the Whitehouse and he attends every morning media press briefing with Mr. Gibbs. join in!

The Young Turks

Still working on the below:

The White Rose Society Keeps podcasts on file, sometimes there is a delay of up to a week for example on the Thom Hartmann podcasts. The White Rose Society is the name of the group of college students that saw Hitler for what he was early and tried to stop him.

Free Greats like Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman and Laura Flanders

Radio Time Excellent. Well kept and clean as a juke box selections to individual shows.

Amy Goodman

Peter B Collins

Christine Kraft- Progressive period. Critical thinker/ debater. From KGO summaries. California native, attorney and KGO fill-in host Christine Craft was a key figure in a landmark court case that put a glaring spotlight on gender discrimination in the media, and is taught in law schools worldwide to this day.

Craft started her media career in 1974 at Salinas TV station KSBW-TV. During the late '70s she handled on-air duties in news, weather and sports at KPIX in San Francisco, and in 1977-78 was a reporter/anchor for the CBS Television Network, hosting a weekly segment on the CBS Sports Spectacular.

She was co-anchoring the news at KEYT-TV in Santa Barbara when she got the call from KMBC-TV in Kansas City. In 1979, eight months after taking the position, she found herself unceremoniously demoted to reporter because, the station said, focus groups said she was "too old, too unattractive and wouldn't defer to men." Neither deferential nor a doormat, she sued in federal court sex discrimination under Title VII . The ratings came out showing that the station had gone from number three to number one in News during Craft's tenure as the co-anchor. In the first trial, (Craft vs. Metromedia); a jury awarded her $500,000. The station appealed and got the judgment overturned. At a second trial, the jury also ruled in her favor, and once again the station prevailed on appeal. When the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, Judge Sandra Day O'Connor wrote that she would have heard the case. Without the other justices agreeing to hear the case, it ended - to be spotlighted later in her 1986 book Too Old, Too Ugly, Not Deferential to Men, which received the Rhodora Prize.

She was named one of the top five collegiate speakers in the U.S. in 1984 (sharing the year's honors with, among others, Maya Angelou and Vincent Price), and her story was featured in an exhibit at the Newseum museum of broadcasting in Washington, D.C.

After returning to California in 1981, she continued to work in TV news, back at KEYT, then at KRBK-TV in Sacramento. She has also hosted many television news programs for KQED in San Francisco. Then she went to law school, graduating from the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific in 1995. Craft practices law for Farrell, Fralob and Brown in Sacramento; she has lectured at hundreds of colleges, universities and law schools about TV news and Title VII litigation (the Civil Rights Act of 1964).

As a legal advocate for animals, she puts in many pro bono hours to convince judges and district attorneys to take animal abuse cases seriously. A competitive surfer in her pre-journalism days, she enjoys distance swimming and spoiling horses.

Angie Coiro

Ray Taliaferro -Always progressive- from KGO program summaries -Ray Taliaferro has literally owned the Bay Area's overnight radio listening audience since 1986 when his KGO NEWSTALK AM 810 talk show moved to the 1 to 5 a.m. time slot. Five days a week, four early-morning hours each day, Ray shares his passion and opinions with thousands of people; he gets them talking like few others can.

Ray, who joined KGO Radio in 1977, has been in broadcasting for nearly 30 years. He started in talk radio in 1967 at San Francisco's KNEW. Shortly thereafter, he also got into television, commuting every day to Burbank to host a show on KHJ-TV before accepting a news anchor position at San Francisco's KRON-TV. When Ray joined KGO Radio, he also co-hosted KGO-TV's AM Weekend program.

Ray was the first black talk show host on a major market radio station in the country. He helped found the National Association of Black Journalists in 1975, and was honored by the San Francisco Black Chamber of Commerce in 1994 with the Black Chamber Life Award, recognizing him as a "forerunner in broadcasting."

Broadcasting is just one part of Ray Taliaferro's life. Another important part is his active involvement in the arts and in the betterment of his community. A native San Franciscan, Ray has dedicated considerable time and energy to public service.

Among his many achievements, Ray served as president of the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP and the Frederick Douglas Symposium. Because of his tremendous efforts to help raise money for leukemia research, he was named board president of the Northern California Chapter of the Leukemia Society of America for 1995-2000. He was the Mayor's Commissioner of the War Memorial Trustee Board from 1992-2000, and he headed up the San Francisco Art Commission for 16 years. An accomplished musician himself, Ray conducted the "Ray Tal Chorale" and served as director of music for the Third Baptist Church.

Ray Taliaferro offers his listeners and the people he serves in the community the benefit of experience and perspective gained from his many interests.

Gene Burns (sometimes progressive)From KGO program summaries -While many in the public eye work hard to avoid labels such as "unpredictable" and "iconoclast", KGO’s Gene Burns embraces them gleefully. Each weeknight Burns holds forth celebrating the richness of the English language, challenging cherished opinions and enthusiastically tilting at windmills. His bosses grumble that both his words and telephone calls are too long! His detractors label him too opinionated. While listening respectfully, the successful broadcasting veteran begs to differ. "Free speech is an American parlor sport and intellectually based verbal combat is the essence of its exercise," he says, adding, "Citizen activism is at the very heart of democracy."

John Rothmann (getting better when it comes to science...did a great hour on global warming recently- doing some wonderful education with the crazies invited to call in) From KGO program summaries -John Rothmann has the uncanny ability to take you back in time and bring you up to date all in the same breath. As an author, lecturer, teacher, archivist, and political consultant, it's easy to see how he keeps up his end of the conversation. In fact, there's never a dull moment with John.

Using audio tools to convey important issues in a clear, interesting, and exciting way, John makes the radio come alive. The show might start with the day's headlines and then move on to revisit and capture a historical moment through original sounds. You name it, John can find the recording of it, and callers love to reminisce along with him. He inspires recollections you didn't even know you had! "The people that tune in to my show have strong opinions, are highly intelligent, and are very sophisticated - and that's the secret to why the show is so much fun!" says John.

A frequent lecturer on American politics and the Presidency, John has spoken at over 150 campuses throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel. He has been involved in many political campaigns on the national, state, and local levels, including Richard Nixon's in 1968. He has also published a wide range of articles on American political history, the Middle East, and education. John's personal love is his 15,000-volume library - one of the finest private libraries in the country - specializing in American political history and political biographies. All of these experiences, combined with his San Francisco heritage as a fourth generation native, make John a warm and captivating host for Bay Area listeners.

Brian Copeland


Major Scott Dicks

Tomorrow Matters

A World of Possibilities

Alan Colmes Listen on line here M-F 7-10 pm or at after Mike Malloy out of San Francisco.

Mike Malloy

Media Matters

Aldous Tyler